How can I join to Let's Learn English please help me I love English very much.
Monka Fahmi

The best place to learn English on South Africa.
Marcelo Vacc

I love the people, all of them... Very good indeed
Matthew Flava Qashani

Lets learn English is a very nice school, great atmosphere, teachers are very friendly and profesionals. And in just two weeks I could improve a lot.
Ángel Ardanuy

You will get really practical, useful teaching, with love and humour!
Vanessa Bower

I have just noticed that Ann, who teached me FCE course, has esablished this new English school. I haven't seen the facility of the school, but I strongly recommend this school to those who want to study English because.. Ann is by far the best teacher in my entire life. If you can understand this sentences and you are willing to study english, no matter who you are, shut up, get there, pay the tuition, study hard, and say thank you to me for reccomending this nice school.

You will never be regret. I can say.

JoongHyun Lee

LLE is the one of the best English schools I've ever been. I love traveling, and during my trips, usually take English lessons as part of my vacation. Last years, I studied in many different English schools all over the world and definitely can recommend LLE as one of the best according with his value for money. The teachers are really good and professional, as well as friendly and helpful. Thanks to them, I got 915 points on my last TOEIC exam.

Thanks a million LLE!!

Salme Mike

Studying at Let's Learn English made me improve my English quite a lot, the integration and monitoring by Joshua, Zinzi, Mike and Director of the school Ann Turner was important for me to improve the English language. Important points were the grammar and the Friday activities which allowed me to get know the city more,socialize and to talk to other people helping to evolve my English skills.

I want to thank all and hope to come back to continue the course.

Mateus Madaleno

I am a student from Let’s Learn English. I’ve been studying here for a month, it has gone so fast! I have met a lot of people at school which I’ll keep in touch with. The teacher is very good and all the workers help you with what you need. Besides study, we also have done different activities, like paint t-shits, barbeque, Cape Town tour... I can say that I’ve been very good at school and in Cape Town, for me it has been a very enjoying experience.

Cristina Lacadena

I have been learning English at Let’s Learn English for four weeks and I’m really happy. The people at the school are very friendly, they are always able to help when help is needed, and the classes are fun. I have been very comfortable at the school and at my homestay. I have met a lot of people, from different countries (Angola, Congo, Mozambique, Germany, Spain, South Africa, etc), who were studying at the school. Of course, I have improved my English. After school, you can enjoy Cape Town and cape peninsula, an amazing place, while you practise English talking with the people.

José Miguel Gota

I can honestly say that it was the best chosen, studying English at Let´s Learn English (LLE). I have spent 04 weeks preparing for the IELTS Test, and actually I learned a lot inside and outside the classrooms. The teachers and the staff are excellent, the process of teaching are innovative. The School's locations at Observatory is wonderful. I also met exceptional people and an excellent accommodation in Homestay where we maintain chatting till now.

I really loved stay at LLE. I have got a truly family in South Africa, Cape Town.

Reinaldo Zezela

Hi everybody,

May I say, Let´s Learn English and all the people I met at LLE, will remain forever in my heart. Ann, Mike and every one of the teachers (Zinzi, Lorna, Taps..), they became my true family not only for 3 months I spent in Cape Town.... When I arrived in South Afrika, my english was only: hi, my name is... I am from Czech Republic, I am from Prague... and..." It´s me, Alena" (at the aeroport when Mike came to pick me up).. Can You imagine? . LLE is the best school I have ever studied, mainly because of great and special people . Big big Thank You , I hope, see You again...

With love Alena

Alen Kvardova

I spend two months in Lets Learn English, January and February, studying English, it was a wonderful experience, excellent teachers, both professional and human qualities, Josh and Zinzi, the same about Mike and Ann, all excellent people, I think which was a best decision I could make when choosing a school, I recommend it 100%, and I will never forget the wonderful moments I lived there with my classmates and teachers, I miss you sooo much.

Janis Landa

My opinion about Let’s Learn English, an Institution located at Wesley Rd, Cape Town, is associated with a set of reasons which took me to attend the course offered by this Organization. I am a Lecturer at a University, in Maputo. I am also one of the acting responsible for the institutional management. Both as a lecturer and as a manager, English language, for me, is a tool for reading academic books and public relations.

Those are the reasons why I came to Let’s Learn English. In fact, my purpose was to deepen my knowledge in reading, listening, writing and talking, in English language. I am absolutely satisfied for having achieved my interests.

Let’s Learn English offers to its students the service of higher quality. Firstly, it allows them a rapid integration at environment of the Cape Town, organizing their reception at the Airport and helping them to locate the accommodation, in Cape Town. Secondly, the environment at Let’s Learn English is appropriate for learning. The teachers are very competent and the resources they make the learning process very interactive. Concerning the interactivity methodology of learning, I would like acknowledge the performance the teachers, demonstrated by Mr. Joshua and Miss Zinzi. Finally, Let’s Learning English has allowed me and colleagues to visit some places, e. g. Stellenbosch, as a complementary method of teaching and showing how Cape Town is beautiful city.

All in all, due to these achievements, I would like to express my sincere thanks too Let’s Learn English’s staff and my best wishes to this Organization.

Jose Magode

Why I chose this school, the first reason was because Let’s Learn English produces quality and small classes and this is what I needed. Therefore I searched for a small school to let me have direct contact with the teachers because my English was very basic or almost nothing. My first purpose was to learn the English language faster. I am absolutely satisfied for having achieved my objective; I know I need more practice, and I’m sure I will continue. I can say so much about Let’s Learn English but I have few words to express how I felt at the school, I must say that it was the best decision I made, in my opinion, the school is of high quality and their teachers Mr. Joshua and Miss Zinzi are the best.

Thank you so much Let’s Learn English’s my best wishes to school.

Jonathan David Lobo

I have been studying English at LLE for 4 to 5 weeks, at 20 hours a week , during the morning.

School LLE
LLE is a very small school, with a personal approach. You get a warm welcome and every student is known by name. Directors and staff are very helpful and always willing to answer your questions. There were a maximum of 6 to 8 students in one class. Joshua, my teacher was good and if you wanted to, you could always ask him to tackle some specific topics in class. Although being small, the school has very good technological equipment : data projectors, digital whiteboards, laptops, PC's, internet ... Every student has free use of the language lab, where you can do additional exercises at your own level and pace. There are also some leisure activities : one week on Friday you watch a movie during class time, the other week the teachers organise a full day activity outside. Both kind of activities are enjoyable, interesting and offer opportunities to speak English with each other and the teacher.

The family I stayed with are really nice people. They are very easy going and try to make you feel comfortable at home. The landlord is very talkative - so you have a lot of opportunity to practice your English. You have a nice personal room: large bed, wardrobe, armchair, working table, wifi, no fan. The rest of the house is basic. It's a small house, with only 3 rooms + bathroom and a small yard (not suitable for relaxing). You share the kitchen and the bathroom with the two owners. You have free use of the kitchen equipment and the washing machine.

There is a (very sweet) dog.

Kris Van der Stockt

This is a letter of testimony for Let’s Learn English, I’ve study English with LLE for 2 weeks, I can’t say my English improve a lot in just 2 weeks but I would say they did give me some ideas of how to improve. The 2 weeks in LLE, we have a lot of activities, we had sushi night, climbed up and down table mountain and we’ll also have braai to go. Thank you for Mike, Ann, Joshua and Zinzi bringing me a very remarkable experience here in Cape Town.

Sok Han

I’ve been in a few schools but LLE is the most excellent. I like that the classes aren’t bit with a few students where everyone gets enough attention. The teachers are intelligent, friendly, helpful and amazing. They always care about the students and happy to help or answer any question. During my stay in school we have a very warm and harmonious celebrations between students and teachers. I’m really satisfied that I’ve choosed this school. It’s definitely worth learning English in this school and I would like to come back again.

Galina Kharvest

I learnt a lot in the 3 weeks in grammar and speaking english fluently. I was really impressed by the way your school is organised. I felt at home like being in a family. Thanks for the braai at the end of my stay. I will never forget you guys and hope to visit you again.

Adrian Edelmann

I've spent almost three months in LLE school and it's a decision that a will never regret. I was looking for a cheap and good english school and without a doubt LLE was the best option. Not only because of this but also, and most important, because from the very first day i felt like home. LLE is, above all, your home when you are so far away from your place. My teacher Ann... no words to describe her, one of those teachers that you can't never forget and the rest of the staff always there to help and take care of you before you arrive, during the course and even after you're gone!!

Great experience and the best way to learn english!

Beatriz Albarran

When I came here I couldn't speak well English. During this time I think I have improved a lot. I love their hospitality and the teachers were very kind and patient. I made friends and I think they will be forever. I will use English in my life, work and travel. I want to learn more and I will remember the lessons in the future. Thank you, Let's Learn English School, for all this time and all the love you gave me.

Emirene Cardoso

My learning of English at LLE…was my first time away from my country, I expected this to be very hard. To my surprise I got accustomed easily, firstly because of the friendly atmosphere-I could express myself, be myself. I think that was the main thing that made me love this school. Secondly, the schedules of the school are perfect. I love the way of teaching because the teacher manages to make sure that everyone understand. I will never forget my teacher and Ann with her lovely sense of humor, the outings which the latter allowed me to visit and enjoy the city, and those friends I made. Finally, I would like to say thank you for all those wonderful moments.

Martin Ngoua

LLE is the one of the best English schools I’ve ever been. I love traveling, and during my trips, usually take English lessons as part of my vacation. Last years, I studied in many different English schools all over the world and definitely can recommend LLE as one of the best according with his value for money. The teachers are really good and professional, as well as friendly and helpful. Thanks to them, I got 915 points on my last TOEIC exam. Thanks a million LLE.
Mikel Salmeron

Learning English in Let's Learn English was an incredible experience. With a friendly team, learning English became a pleasure. I discovered some of South African culture with them and my English has improved quickly.

Saintya Tamponirina

I went to Cape Town with a goal to improve my skills in English and I'm sure that I had success because I had luck to choose the right school to help me. Mike and Ann, the owners, are very kind and friends. We feel as if we are at home all the time. The methodology is directed to individual learning but with group activities and our teacher Josh was very good. We had a lot of activities outside, not only for studying English , but to learn about history, culture, foods, good wines and so on.

Lélio Araujo

Let’s Learn English is the best school that you can find in Cape Town! Teachers are very good, the school is very nice and the whole team along with Mike, make you feel like part of the family. What I most like about the school is that you can have a customized education tailored to your needs, as it is small groups, you can decide what you're most interested to reinforce or learn. You can also access the computers and programs that help you work listening comprehension ... when you're not training you in the different restaurants and bars of OBS, the best neighbourhood in Cape Town, where the school is placed and where you can meet people Super interesting while attending a jazz concert or a drink in a friendly bar. That was a very good experience for me, I really feel that I improved my English and I knew wonderful people that I’ll always carry in my heart!

Natalia Zapata Cadavid

Let’s Learn English was just the perfect language school for me. From the very first moment I felt heartly welcome. The familial atmosphere made me feel at home as from the beginning. The teachers put on a programme for me which exactly fitted to my needs. Each and every student could work on his or her personal focuses, everybody got a personalised learning schedule. As I’m a principal myself in my country I know a lot about teaching and learning and I must say that at ‘Let’s Learn English’ they offer lessons in very high quality with a lot of interactive learning sequences, be it in the group as well as on the computer. It’s a small school-and this is exactly the advantage for the students: Ann and Josh succeed to support and teach according to the individual needs of each and every student. I can highly recommend ‘Let’s Learn English’ to everyone-no matter what age-who wants to learn the language in an atmosphere of friendship and in an international group. Cape Town at its best!

Eva Graf

For me LLE is the best school for learning English in Cape Town. The teachers are awesome!!! The ambient is friendly. I hope this school keeps helping people like me. I miss the class, the ambient and Ann smile and Josh. Thanks Ann and Josh and Mike. One day would like to teach you French. After 2 months in LLE, the difference was amazing.

Cedric Baouaya

What can I say about LLE? Only good words! I highly recommend LLE because it is more than a school. The teachers, Ann, Josh and Brendan, are patience and qualified to teach everyone in a friendly and relax atmosphere. At the same time you are learning English you feel you are in your own home. They are like your family, always open to help you, not just in the academic way, also in a personal way. Thanks to them I could pass my TOEFL exam with the score I wanted. What else? Just to say that it is not a conventional academy, it is much better than all the English schools I’ve gone in my life (quite a few I have to say!). It is more than a school, so do not have any doubt to go to Let’s learn English at the same time you enjoy Cape Town!

Mireia Franquet Rodriguez

Let’s Learn English in my opinion is the best English school of Cape Town. I could find a familiar atmosphere and lovely people who will always have great importance for me. At LLE it's possible to learn English having good time. I advice everyone who wants to have an experience in South Africa to attend this school. You'll learn English and will meet adorable people you never will forget.”

Luca Sbarra