Get to know the 2 people who are the owners of LLE

Get to know the 2 people who are the owners of LLE

Ann Turner and Mike Narun – the first thing you should know about Ann and Mike is that they both love meeting new people, and always help their students enjoy their English course while also enjoying Cape Town at the same time. Ann and Mike started Let’s Learn English (LLE) in the year of 2011, and have remained friends with many of the students since then.

Ann manages the studies, and is passionate about making sure that all students get lots of opportunity to speak, listen and think in English, while they are at LLE. She also controls the very excellent internet Learning System of LLE, constantly putting in new information for the students, which they can access and use after school to practise what they have learnt in class. It is a powerful system, it helps students improve their English quickly in a short time, and does not cost any extra!

Ann’s professional qualifications are:
(a)BA Honours degree in History from the University of Cape Town,  and
(b)a CELTA language tuition course from Cambridge University – her experience covers
(c)15 years of teaching and also development of education material, including online material, and
(d)handcraft work such as sewing and weaving. She uses her full life experience to teach!


Mike manages the finances of LLE, and his professional qualifications are;
(a)CA(SA) – a South African Chartered Accountant, which he studied at the University of Cape Town.
(b)His business experience includes advising clients with financial products such as healthcare and life insurance. He is a senior partner in such a business, which he started more than 35 years ago, but still spends most of his time at LLE.

2 very important things about this school are;
(i)LLE is a small school, which helps give lots of individual attention to each student, in a family atmosphere, and
(ii)LLE teaches to the syllabus of the CEFR, the recognised international standard for all second language speakers.

If students really want to improve their English level in a short time, LLE will help them achieve that.

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