Here are ten things that you may not have known about this wonderful language of ours: 1. It is the only major language without an academy to guide it L’Académie française, based in Paris, is in charge of overseeing the French language. Part of its job is suggesting alternatives for
Pronunciation is the most important and difficult problem that non-native English speakers have to face when studying English. Improper pronunciation can lead to negative impression, misunderstanding and ineffective communication. This page is designed to indicate some negative impacts of poor pronunciation and to provide you with some tips for the
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1. Being bilingual has positive effects on the brain Studies show that being bilingual has many cognitive benefits. According to research, speaking a second language can mean that you have a better attention span and can multi-task better than monolinguals. This is because being bilingual means you are constantly switching from one language to the other.
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Another year has come to an end, and here at the Cape Town Tourism offices, we’re ready to stride into 2018. When you live in one of most beautiful cities on earth, it’s not hard to find ways to make your future more exciting, fulfilling, and fun. We asked the Cape Town Tourism
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Original Article:   1. Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë This tumultuous tale of life in a bleak farmhouse on the Yorkshire moors is a popular set text for GCSE and A-level English study, but away from the demands of the classroom it’s easier to enjoy its drama and intensity. Populated largely by
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Let’s compare two classes. In terms of teacher ability, student levels, and student behavior, they are essentially identical. The only difference is that one class has 10 students and the other has 30. Which class would you want to teach? Which class is better for the students? The smaller one
As the summer holidays draw to a close, you might be excited about a new year or dreading the early wake-ups. Either way, it’s a good idea to start your preparations early. While you may be tempted to ‘stick your head in the sand’ and try to forget about the fast-approaching first
There’s more than one way to say Merry Christmas, why not learn it in a different language.   French – Joyeux Noël German – Frohe Weihnachten Mandarin – Sheng Dan Kuai Le (圣诞快乐) Danish – Glædelig Jul Finnish – Hyvää joulua Hungarian – Boldog karácsonyt     Italian – Buon Natale   Norwegian – God
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Wondering what to do for New Year’s Eve? Cape Point Vineyards is 20 minutes drive from Simon’s Town and is planning an evening to remember! NEW YEARS EVE FEATURING DJ RENE THE FRENCHMAN Cape Point Vineyards in conjunction with DJ Rene the Frenchman proudly presents THE GRAND SOUTH NYE 2017. Dress Code:
1 ) Sleep: I usually come home from an exam and jump into bed to catch up on my lost sleep. The couple of days before my exam I find it difficult to get to sleep because of the looming exam but after my exams are finished, I need that