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lets learn english

Why Do We Teach English?

English is a globally-spoken language. Foreign-language speakers either want or need some level of proficiency in English speaking and writing (and therefore listening and reading). LLE offers you the opportunity to achieve your goal, and go beyond that goal. We provide an excellent combination of the best of blended learning techniques and the warm friendliness of a very secure learning environment.

lets learn english

How Do We Teach English?

Our method is always student-focused. Your course at LLE is all about you and your desire to improve your English for your purpose. Our aim is to assist you in every way to achieve your own language goals, and then develop your English language skills beyond those goals. (see quote from John Holt!)

We Assist You To Achieve This By Providing The Best Environment For Learning:

  • A very small class, mixing Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels.
  • We are a proudly very small school. At LLE, learning English is not confined to classroom activities. Your learning happens everywhere on our small premises. We also encourage you to communicate within the local community outside school.

We Also Provide The Best Materials:

  • Authentic,native-speaker listening exercises
  • Reading exercises using both authentic articles on a variety of interest to pics and students’ written material, based on relevant CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) levels.
  • Grammar is taught within this framework. Students are encouraged to ‘notice’ and discuss grammatical forms in reading and listening exercises.
  • Opportunities to speak-in class with fellow students and the teacher,online, in ‘real time’ assignments and through online speech recording exercises.
  • Writing, writing and more of your own writing!
  • Grammar also forms a major part of these exercises.

We want you to leave LLE confident that you can use your English in any situation you find yourself in.


Your details are private and will be treated as such.

What Does ‘Student-Focused’ Mean?

While studying with us at LLE, in addition to the material we provide, you will be required to produce written and spoken English at your level - everyday.
  • Each student’s texts and recordings are, in turn, used as class reading and Listening exercises.
  • These texts and recordings are unofficially graded by fellow students in terms of grammar, vocabulary and style in writing, and fluency and pronunciation in speaking.
  • In this way, you will become very used to producing your own English very quickly, at your own level.

Lesson Formats:

Students studying at English language schools come at different times, and for different lengths of time. For this reason, we do not structure our courses on formal Course Books,which usually offer a 12-week, progressive course at each level. We make use of these books where necessary, but use our material, and importantly, your material, to make the time you spend with us effective and relevant to your needs.

"Learning …takes place in the here-and-now. What is learned is what matters. Teaching-like talk - should centre on the local and relevant concerns of the people in the room, not on the remote world of course book characters, nor the contrived world of grammatical structures. Scott Thornbury, A dogma for EFL,2000"

Your participation in each class is therefore really important.

Lesson Formats Differ:

  • Grammar, reading and presentation lessons take place in the classroom
  • Listening lessons usually take place in our laboratory
  • Writing is usually done at home, in your own time
  • Completing homework tasks is essential for your English improvement!