Cape Town at 4:45, the alarm, with the voice of Adele singing “Hello”, remembered me that I had to stand up. I was so excited that I had been already awake since almost half an hour and I had been laying on the bed thinking about the following three days but now, no more hesitations, the time was came.

After checking that everything was prepared, for the second times, and after a quick breakfast I was ready for the adventure. I opened the door and … damn! It was raining so heavily that I could hardly see the houses on the opposite site of the road. I stood there, under the portico waiting for the people who had to come and pick me up.

In the meanwhile, the wind started blowing so strong that water began to drop from the drainpipe forming a sort of waterfall. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait along because after few minutes I saw the lights of a minivan that was approaching. A thin smiling man opened me the car door telling something that sounded like “Hello and welcome on board” and so my adventure began.

Our destination was Knysna, a small beautiful town along the Garden Route which lays on the banks of a river that forms a picturesque lake before concluding its life in the Indian Ocean. Anyway, the way to reach Knysna was long and we did some stops along the route. After over passing Swellendam, the third oldest town in South Africa, we stopped in a private Game Reserve where people have the opportunity to see the famous Big 5: Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Buffalo and cheetah.

We started the safari in the rain but we felt hopeful about the successful of our tour despite the weather was against us. The first animals, we met, were a couple of African elephants that were playing in a pool of water.

Taken some photos we moved and we found a peaceful white rhinos that was eaten the grass and it didn’t care about us. The third animal, we saw, was the king of the jungle laying by a bush. He was watching us without interest as only the celebrities are able to do, when suddenly three lionesses appeared from nothing and we decided that was time to go away when one of the lionesses ran forward us. At the end of a two hours long tour, we had also seen a group of buffalo, a pack of kudus together with a herd of zebra, several springbok and some ostriches.

After a restorative sleep, at 7:00 we were ready for the second day of our tour. At first we stopped in a pretty nice craft market where it was possible to taste local specialities and to try the products derived from the aloe for which

this place is famous. Thereafter, we went to the Elephant’s Sanctuary. There, we interacted with three amazing African elephants. After we had walked with them, the rangers gave us the opportunity to fed them. Staying so close to those spectacular animals was one of the most intense experience of the entire trip and I will hardly forget it.
The next stop was at the most highest commercial bungee jump. I was not really interested in doing that experience so while the others tried the feeling of a free fall, I enjoyed a local beer watching their scared faces.

The last day began at 6:00 when we left our accommodation in Knysna directed towards to the Cango Endangered Wildlife Ranch before going back toward the mother city. This ranch is famous because it hosts many rescue “big cats” such as leopards, cheetahs, lions and also two tigers. It offers even the opportunity to stroke a cheetah and it was a very touching encounter. Thereafter, we started heading home along the scenic Route 62 through the Klein Karoo and its breathtaking panorama.

The tour concluded with an emotional sunset with the Table Mountain and the
Devil’s peak and in background a painted orange sky.

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